Welcome to Rogue Sculpts!

We bring art to your table, for less.

We sculpt miniatures!

We specialize in monster miniatures, but that does not limit us!  From the super tiny, to the gigantic, we got you.

We build terrain!

Need a specific piece made for your model train setup?  Want some ruined buildings for your war-gaming table?  How about a massive modular castle for your adventuring party to explore?  What ever you need, we can make it!

We do commissions!

Miniatures, terrain, props, cosplay, and more!  If you can dream it, we can do it!

Here are some examples of our work!

Top row (left to right): Purple Worm, Otyugh, Abyssal Monster, Rupert the Friendly Slug

Bottom row (left to right): Vampire Eye Demon, Squid Thing, Wailing Gnawler, Slime Guy

Here are some more examples of our work!

Top row (left to right): Cthulhu Bust 1, Cthulhu Bust 2, Scholar's Paperweight, Monster Sketchbook

Bottom row (left to right): Cottage, Blacksmith's Forge, Hay Wagon, Inn/Tavern(unpainted)